iStudiez Pro is oriented for a personal use. 

But if you need to monitor several Cloud Sync accounts (e.g. your kids), we may offer you the following workaround:

Each of your users should have iStudiez Pro on their iOS device with a separate Cloud Sync account (their own email address). 

You should have iStudiez Pro on your Mac/Windows PC to monitor their activities. 

There are two ways to monitor several iStudiez Pro accounts: 

1. Mac/Windows user change 

Create second user account on your Mac/Windows PC (e.g. your current one is Admin, the second - User). 

Install the app for both Mac/Windows users, one per each of your iStudiez Pro user's account. 

Switch to another Mac/Windows user to use other Cloud Sync account. 

Although it is slightly inconvenient it will prevent you from iStudiez Pro data mixture or loss. 

2. iStudiez Pro account switch 

Switch iStudiez Pro Cloud Sync account on your Mac/Windows PC (from one to another). 

NOTE: during constant switch between Cloud Sync accounts on your Mac any change that you've performed (even accidentally) will be immediately pushed to server and synced to your users devices or may cause iStudiez Pro data loss. 

Thus, to avoid possible issues we recommend to use Mac/Windows user change solution.