As of now, the recurring paid Plans are available for purchase on iOS, macOS, and Windows.

You are welcome to choose from the following Plans:

- Weekly Plan - $0.99 USD (you can buy it on iOS/macOS only)*
Are you a new user and not really sure if it works for you? Why not give it a try! 

- Monthly Plan - $1.99 USD
Just a few months left until the end of your studies? Don't want to pay while you are on holiday? The Weekly Plan is right what you need!

- Annual Plan - $9.99 USD
Covers the entire year. 
If you buy it month per month you pay $1.99 x 12 = $23.88 for the year. 
With the Annual Plan, you pay just $9.99. Save 60%!

- 2-Year Plan - $14.99 (you can buy it on Windows only)*
The most recommended plan! 
Check yourself: $1.99 per month x 24 = $47.76 for 2 years.
With the 2-Year Plan, you pay just $14.99. Save 70%!

* - due to the peculiarities of the platforms, the subscription terms you can buy on one platform are not available on the other. 
That's why it's not possible to buy the Weekly Plan on Windows and the 2-Year Plan on iOS/macOS