iStudiez Pro is the app that helps students to get more organized, to track classes, grades, etc.
Basically, it is a nice helper for those who are interested in their future.

The first platform supported by iStudiez Pro was iOS.
Now the app works on iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android. It took lots of time and efforts to develop those apps.

While being so many years on the market (10 to be exact), we have never released any paid update.
Furthermore, we have switched from "Paid" to "Freemium" model to make the app more open to students.

The Full Version of the app, available through the in-app purchases allows you to sync the app's data across your devices where the app is installed.

This way you may add your schedule, assignments, etc. e.g. on your computer and track your classes and grades later on a phone.

Using the Full Version of the app you will keep your iStudiez Pro data up to date on all devices where it's used.

Furthermore, it allows you to export your schedule (classes and exams) to third-party calendars, like Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, etc.

Share your schedule with your family members or friends and they will always know when you get a free time!

You may like to buy the Full Version of the app, available through in-app purchases, only if you want to sync the app's data.
It's not the obligatory payment. Otherwise, the app is free to use without the Cloud Sync service.

Due to the fact that the App Store, the Mac App Store, the Windows Store, and the Google Play Store are completely different stores, we're unable to bundle the purchases from them together.
Thus, the Full Version of the app should be purchased on every platform where you'd like to sync the app's data.

The payment we get from the in-app purchase is used to rent servers and pay the salary to our devs, support, marketing department, and other Team members.
Please consider this payment as the investment in yourself, in your education and, if possible, a thank you to devs, who made the app.

Buying the app you invest in yourself and support the developers.
Thank you for understanding.