iStudiez Pro is a very flexible app that meets lots of requirements.

So, if you want to add your homework to the app, we may offer you the following approaches:


Add your homework/assignments under the Assignments tab/pane in iStudiez Pro. 

Easy and simple!


In the Overview/Calendar of iStudiez Pro you can see the start/end time of your classes. 

Add a new course, name it e.g. “Homework” and add virtual “classes” (basically just time slots) to that course for the time, when you plan to work on your assignments.

This way:

- your study time won’t mix with other classes as they will be grouped under a separate course

- using the Color Coding feature for the classes you will differentiate your work time from other classes from the first glance

- setting different names to classes e.g. “English”, “Math”, “Chemistry” instead of “Lab”, “Lecture”, “Class” you will never be lost what are you going to work on

- if your assignment is canceled, you may cancel the time (class) you have planned to spend, working on that assignment too

- you’ll get notifications when it’s a time to start the work on your assignments 

Thus, you will see your study and assignments work time in the Overview/Calendar of iStudiez Pro that will give you a full picture of your work load.

Moreover, your study time (“classes’) will be exported to third party calendars along with your regular schedule.


iStudiez Pro can show Calendar Events from your Calendar app (e.g. Apple Calendar).

Thus, you may add a separate calendar in your Calendar app for the time when you plan to work on your homework.

In the Settings of the app check the “Study Calendar” to be show in iStudiez Pro.

This way you will see the time to work on your homework along with your casual classes.