What is iStudiez Pro Cloud Sync service?

iStudiez Pro Cloud Sync option allows you sharing the app's data between all your devices where iStudiez Pro is installed.

The sync service is performed via our Cloud Sync servers.

What should I do to sync my data?

To sync the data from iStudiez Pro between your devices you have to create a Cloud Sync account. 

Go to the Settings/preferences of the app > Sync > check the option and enter your valid email/password to create the account.
Follow the instructions in the email you will get to activate your Cloud Sync account.

Will it sync between my e.g. iPhone and Windows PC?

If you use the same iStudiez Pro Cloud Sync account on each of your device, yes, you will be able to sync the apps data between them.

It says "Cloud Sync server is unreachable", but I have the Internet connection. How come?

If you use a public Internet connection, like when in library or college, etc., the network there may have some firewalls or other blocks installed.

Those blocks may prevent the app from connection to the Cloud Sync server. 

You may need to contact  local network administrator for assistance or try to use Cellular Data instead of Wi-Fi connection when on mobile